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Honda's Eco Assist named in Top 10 Green Technologies

Honda's Eco Assist named in Top 10 Green Technologies

6 February 2013

 Honda's innovative and interactive ECO Assist fuel-efficiency coaching technology has been named in Green Car Journal's Top 10 Green Car Technology List for 2013. ECO Assist is standard on many Honda models, including the Civic, CR-V, Insight and CR-Z.

Honda's ECO Assist technology can help drivers develop driving habits that enhance fuel efficiency by observing the speedometer background's response to driving practices. Fuel-saving behaviours like smooth acceleration and braking make the meter glow green. Less fuel-efficient driving habits will cause the meter glow blue-green, while aggressive starts and stops that consume extra fuel cause the meter to glow blue. In addition to the ECO Assist technology, drivers can also engage the green, dash-mounted "ECON" button to further optimize control of the transmission, engine and other powertrain elements to help conserve additional fuel.

"Honda developed the driver guidance and driver feedback functions of ECO Assist to help drivers improve their driving style in order to reduce fuel consumption, and in turn, to also benefit the environment," said Frank Kennedy, Sales Director of Universal Honda. "The visual nature of the technology is intended to help drivers improve their efficient driving skills by making it a more fun and rewarding experience."

The Green Car Technology Award honours important technologies that are helping to create a new generation of fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles. Technologies considered for the award range from advanced powerplants and drivetrain components to on-board systems that work toward increasing efficiencies, reducing fuel use or improving environmental impact. Qualifying technologies must be in use by vehicle models currently on the market today.

"Honda's ECO Assist system was selected as a Green Car Technology Award finalist for its innate ability to help drivers enhance their fuel efficiency," said Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of the Green Car Journal. "In an era of increased demands on environmental performance from consumers and government alike, we wanted to highlight the innovative technologies like ECO Assist that make their incredible achievements possible."

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