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Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011


The Honda stand at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show featured a number of exciting Concept vehicles. All demonstrate advanced alternative powertrains in the form of Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles.


The EV-STER Concept is a next-generation electric small sports concept model. Featuring a dynamic and innovative styling design and excellent environmental performance, the EV-STER, an electric rear-wheel-drive two-seater convertible sports car, will propose a new way to enjoy a sports type model. The adoption of carbon materials made it possible to reduce the vehicle weight contributing to the vehicle's high driving performance and range of approximately 160km. The easy-to-operate twin-lever steering was adopted for the thorough pursuit of the joy of driving. Moreover, the new concept model enables the driver to make his/her own adjustments to some vehicle characteristics such as motor output and suspension settings, to embody the joy of maneuvering to the fullest extent. 

Furthermore, the instrument panel features not only meters, but also the vehicle information display which enables the driver to enjoy driving as well as the network display used for the audio and navigation systems and also for the internet access. The well-designed layout of the meters and displays enables the driver to concentrate on driving and enjoy the comfortable space.




Honda AC-X

The AC-X Concept, standing for Advanced Cruiser eXperience, is a Plug-In Hybrid concept demonstrating Honda's latest advancements in Hybrid technology. The vehicle can operate in electric-only mode for zero-emissions driving and also in hybrid mode where the electric powertrain and combustion engine work together. The vehicle range in pure electric mode is approximately 50km, while in hybrid mode with both engines working in tandem, a range of over 1,000km is possible.




Honda Micro Commuter Concept

The Micro Commuter Concept is Honda's vision for an electric vehicle for the Urban environment. Designed to seat 3 people in comfort, the driver is positioned to the centre of the vehicle with space for 2 passengers behind on either side. The exterior even features customisable grpahic panels allowing drivers to change the style of their car as they wish. The electric power train features lithium-ion batteries for a range of up to 60km and a charging time of as little as 1 hour.

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