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New Civic unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show

New Civic unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show

13th September 2011
Honda has today launched the New Civic at the 2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.  Developed specifically for the European market, the Civic will be offered exclusively as a five-door hatchback and will compete in the C- segment medium sized family car.  It will reach Irish showrooms in December for the January 2012 market.
Nearly all the body components have been redesigned with particular focus on ride and handling; reduced CO2 emissions and interior quality while preserving the class-leading cabin and boot space and the flexible practicality.
NEW HONDA CIVIC: Distinctive sporty design with class leading utility

The designers of the new Civic wanted to keep the sporty and advanced elements of the car's character but tailor them to express the new model's even more elegant yet dynamic feel. "We have lowered the height by 20mm and increased the width by 10mm compared with the current car," comments Mitsuru Kariya, Civic Development Leader.

"Defining the correct proportions was the most important challenge for the design of the new Civic," says Kariya. We enhanced the sporty aspect of the design while creating a clean, dynamic shape." Sources of inspiration included a ‘blended wing body' aeroplane * in which the fuselage and wings blend into a single body for superior aerodynamic performance, quietness and habitability. 
The new interior is focussed around the driver and creates a sporty ambience. "We wanted to create the feeling of a cockpit, like a racing car or an aeroplane," explains Yukio Emi, the Design Chief of the Civic Interior.

The quality of the interior for the new Civic has been improved without compromising the class leading utility space. "The key target was to increase the feeling of quality," says Kariya. "We have changed our approach to match customer expectations and European standards. The new Civic has a high quality cabin, both in the way that it feels and the way that it looks.Offering class leading boot space and with the versatile seat combinations means that it is the most practical yet."
NEW HONDA CIVIC: Ride and Handling – two generations ahead
The ride and handling of the new Honda Civic have been developed in Europe.
Honda’s engineers were conscious that European roads are some of the most varied in the world, including fast motorways and bumpy, twisting country roads.  Testing was first carried out at the Research and Development facilities in Japan and then on European roads to ensure suitability for the world’s most demanding customers.
The refreshed design of the new Civic features a rear combination light that works as a spoiler.  The aerodynamic design of the spoiler manages the air flowing over the top and sides of the car.
“Every time we visited Europe during the development of the car, we achieved significant improvements in the ride and handling, tuning the car for local demands” says Kazuo Sunaoshi, Development Leader – Chassis.  “The new Civic is not just an evolution.  In terms of ride quality, we have taken a major step forwards, equivalent to two generations of development”.
NEW HONDA CIVIC: i-DTEC engine – performance and efficiency.
The i-DTEC engine in the new Honda Civic offers an exceptional combination of high performance and low CO2 emissions.  Updates to the 2.2litre i-DTEC engine, coupled with the new Civic’s improved aerodynamics, have produced a car with a power output of 150PS that emits only 111g/km of CO2*.
The new Civic will be offered with three engine options: 1.4 l petrol; 1.8 l petrol and 2.2 l diesel.  All engines are combined with a 6 speed manual gearbox, ECO Assist, advanced fuel control technology and Idle Stop as well as Hill Start Assist.  The 1.8 l petrol engine is also available with a specially designed 5-speed automatic transmission.
The chief goal in the engine and transmission development was to maintain the high performance driving experience while improving the overall efficiency of the engine resulting in lower running costs.
NEW HONDA CIVIC : Class Leading Refinement
Nearly all of the body components are new to the Civic or have been further developed with areas of focus on the suspension set-up to improve ride and handling.  The new Civic’s ultra-rigid body has allowed Honda engineers to move the car’s ride quality forward to the equivalent of two generations of development.
In order to retain the largest cabin space in the new Civic within the C-segment sector, the rear torsion beam suspension system has been strengthened to improve body control and stability particularly at high speeds. The rear suspension system received a new fluid-filled compliance bushing which operates the overall ride comfort and further develops the handling.
The new Civic’s aerodynamic efficiency also plays a key role in maximising refinement.  Several members of the development team have Formula One experience, which they used to deliver a car that combines a low co-efficient of drag with excellent high-speed stability.  Hours of meticulous work in the Honda wind tunnel has improved performance, reduced fuel consumption and resulted in an exceptionally quiet interior.


Honda's commitment to safety is embodied by the term 'Safety for Everyone'; this means safety for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and all road users. This was at the forefront of the minds of the designers of the new Civic. 

"Honda has a high tech crash test facility in Tochigi, Japan. There we were able to crash the new Civic into vehicles of different weights and sizes, and at different angles and speeds. We wanted to make sure that we are offering the best ‘real world' safety for our customers." explains Mitsuru Kariya, Civic Development Leader.

One of the ways that this is achieved in the new Civic is through the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, a front-mounted polygonal frame that is designed to prevent the cabin becoming deformed by distributing forces away from the passenger compartment. 

"Just as important as technology that protects you in a crash is technology that helps you avoid an accident in the first place" says Kariya.  "This is the first time that the CMBS system has been introduced on the Civic in Europe." Honda's Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) monitors the following distance and closing rate between your vehicle and the car directly in front of it, warning the driver when a collision is likely and helping reduce impact when a collision becomes unavoidable.

The new Civic also features sophisticated pedestrian protection features.  "I am very proud that Honda has a leading reputation for pedestrian safety. It's an area in the new Civic that has been constantly worked upon." commented Julian Warren, Senior Safety Engineer. Pedestrian protection features include windscreen wiper pivots designed to break away on impact and energy absorbing front wing mounts.

To coincide with the launch of the New Honda Civic at the 2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda are producing a number of videos on the development of the new Civic. You can view these videos and also register for more information on New Civic by clicking here You can also view our new dedicated Honda Civic Microsite on


NEW HONDA CIVIC: Comprehensive Safety in the C Segment

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